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Accepted Solution

Answer:Step-by-step explanation:7a) From the graphy =0.6782x +4.26Comparing with the slope intercept equation, y=mx+c,m = slope = 0.6782The slope represents the rate at which the profit is increasing as the year increases. The slope shows that this rate is constant. The profit increases with respect to the number of years after startup at a constant rate of 0.67827b) for x= 5years, y =0.6782 Γ—5 +4.26= 7.651It's the same as the actual data point from the graph. The difference could be very minimal8) General formula isy = bx +ay is the dependent variablex is the independent variable9)the loss rate follow arithmetic progression Tn = a+(n-1)dWhere Tn =0( no money)a = 336700( amount left as savings before losing)d= -9100 ( difference between the second term - the first term).it is decreasing at a negative rate.n = number of years0=336700+ (n-1)-91000=336700-9100n +91009100n=336700 +9100=345800n = 38years10)It also follows arithmetic progressionnumber of years =2015-1980=35d =2a = 100We are looking for Tn, the nth termTn =a+(n-1)d= 100+(35-1)2=100+68=168 geese in 2015