HELP2. A 100 kg log of wood was neatly cut into two smaller pieces. What is the total mass of all the smaller pieces put together? 50 kg 100 kg 200 kg 1,000 kg3. Given two temperatures, 39 °F and 51 °F, which of the following correctly compares the number of chances for particles to bounce off each other during a chemical reaction? Same at both Lower at 39 °F Lower at 51 °F Does not depend on temperature

Accepted Solution

Answer:   2. 100 kg   3. Lower at 39 °FStep-by-step explanation:2. If no wood was created or destroyed by the cutting process, the total mass remains the same as it was before the wood was cut: 100 kg.__3. Temperature is a measure of the motion of the particles that make up a material. When it is higher, those particles move faster, so their number of collisions with other particles in any given time increases.The chances for particles to meet is lower at the lower temperature (39 °F).