Contains the points (-6, -12), (0, -12)put into slope intercept form ASAP ​

Accepted Solution

Answer:y=-12Step-by-step explanation:For the slope of line given two points I like to line up and subtract. Then put 2nd diff/1st diff.Let's do that:(-6  , -12 )(0 ,  -12)------------6      02nd/1st=0/-6=0  slope should have been obvious as 0 since there is no rise in the points (you can see this from their y-coordinate)Anyways the y-intercept is when it crosses the y-axis. The y-axis is crossed when the x-coordinate is 0. You have that given here which is -12.So the equation is y=0x-12 or jusy y=-12If you already knew that horizontal lines were of the form y=a numberthen you could have just skip to y=-12y=-12 just means all the ordered pairs on this line have the y-coordinate being -12 which is what we have in the set of points you gave